A program of RFK Children’s Action Corps, the High Risk Youth Network (HRYN) is a resource for organizations and providers serving youth at high risk in the City of Boston.

Growing up is challenging work for all young people. However, some of our youth must overcome almost insurmountable obstacles including violence, drugs, raising children, difficulty with parents, homelessness, struggling in school or dropping out, joblessness, unemployment, etc. These youth at high risk need our help to become all they were meant to be.

At HRYN, we highlight promising practices from providers throughout the city of Boston who work with youth at high risk by addressing the ecological barriers to their success. This information is designed to help providers strengthen connections, collaborations and communities.

For more information about the Network and available resources, email Theresa Conti or call 978.423.8410.

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Please join us for the
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High Risk Youth Network breakfast forums

Twelfth Baptist Church
160 Warren Street (Hester Hall), Roxbury, MA
(Off street parking available directly cross the street)
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9:15 am – 11:30 am
Upcoming Meeting Dates: TBD